Monday, March 4, 2013

The Art of Catching the Bus

Maybe I'm weird, well there's no maybe about that. Anyone who knows me will be glad to tell you I'm plenty weird, but I own that weirdness in an amazing way lol. So let me start that sentence over.

 Maybe I'm the only one who does this, but it works for us. I have multiple alarms on my phone to start our every school morning. At 5:30 the first alarm goes off rousing me from whatever amount of sleep I've managed to attain, letting me know that I have 15 minutes to shake the exhausted stupor from my brain before the next alarm goes off at 5:45 signaling that it's time to get the grumpy little lambs up and ready. 6:00 am, there goes another alarm signaling each and every straggling lamb that they only have 10 minutes to finish their tasks of getting ready before time to walk out the door. 6:10 the final alarm rings as books are gathered, jackets are put on, back packs hoisted, and little feet tromp out the door and down the driveway for the 3 minute wait for the bus. 

Barring that inevitable, last minute, frantic rush, to find that misplaced object, (jacket, backpack, homework, a left shoe) that never crossed the mind of the little lambs in question, even tho they have been questioned and reminded multiple times, until that last alarm rings signaling time to walk out the door, we have that timing down to a science. (Note the run on sentence, much like our run on lives  lol) 

Yes folks, its a science... No, no no no.. It's an ART, (yeah, that's it, an art) getting our flock of lambs out the door, to the bus, with all the needed (and occasionally some not so needed) objects, at the same exact time every day, so much so that many of our bus drivers set their route time by our kids. See, we live in the country and our little driveway is the first stop of the morning. Our route is one of the largest as well, and we have a high rate of turn over on drivers for our route. 3 or 4 and sometimes more drivers per year. With the exception of one day out of the past 5 years (other than the first day of school) that day happened this school year, after a particularly long string of sleepless nights with the princess. I somehow managed to sleep thru every alarm. Yes, all 4 blaring, screaming alarms. Funny thing is that even tho I never heard those screeching alarms I did hear the bus and it's not like our house sits on the road either lol. So the flock got to be car riders that morning. 

What goes on after the bus pulls away? Well it's nap time of course.

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