Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Liebster Day Surprise!

So it's been pretty hectic around here the past couple of weeks, my father in law has been in and out of the hospital, hubby was out of town for a week, I had an injury that put me back on crutches and then just your general every dayness that goes on. I finally get a chance to log in this morning and have a little message about the Libester blog award. At first i was like, huh? What's a Libester? So after checking in to it I got all excited because I like participating in fun things. In case your wondering what a Liebster is, it's a fun little thing for blogs with LESS than 200 followers. I found this handy dandy little explanation pic on google.

Not my image

Thank you to Krista over at Rollin with the Fruit Punches for the award! If you have a minute click the link above and check it out. They have an adorable little family and Buffalo Chicken Pasta recipe I'm going to have to try out soon! 

So 11 random facts about me, well, let's see:

 1. I have a creative soul. I love to create and just DO stuff. From writing, cooking, carving stamps, making up games or projects for the kids, crafting... oh the crafting! I have a friend who calls me the crafting queen, but I promise I'm not THAT bad. Really I'm not, you believe me right? :)

 2. I'm generally a rerun junkie. My tv watching habits consist of things like Charmed, Full House, House, Monk.. you get the picture. However I/we have been branching out and trying newer shows, still mostly they aren't new and are already well established shows.

 3. I'm obsessive.. When I get hold of a new idea or into something new that i like I get a taaaad bit obsessive. I will research and read everything I can about it and think about it before I pass it over to the normal state of liking things. My mother says I have always analyzed everything to death, even when I was a baby lol.

 4. My favorite season is winter. Now you have to understand that our winters in east Texas are fairly mild. Occasionally we reach the upper teens and if we are really lucky we will get a bit of snow. Generally we hover in the 30's and I kinda like it because you can always put on more clothes and get warm, but their are times in the Summer that no matter how much you take off your still hot and I don't like being hot.

 5. I love to fish. I don't often get the chance to because I'm helping Brudderbear or Dede with their poles but when I have the chance to dip a pole in the water I'm a happy camper. I hope to get the chance to go deep sea fishing someday.

 6. I am an only child and my parents were married 20 years before they had me. It wasn't from lack of trying, it was just how it happened. I'm kind of grateful they didn't have IVF back then because chances are I wouldn't be here now if they did. Oh and no, I wasn't spoiled like people think only children are.

 7. I'm emotional, sensitive, compassionate and frequently get called naive. I'm one of those people who wear my heart on my sleeve and tries to look for the good in people. 

 8. I love the Statte Farm Mayhem commercials. By far my favorite one is the GPS one where he hollers (yep, im east Texan I say hollers) "RECALCULATING!" after the car crash.

9. Speaking of east Texas, I do have a bit of a twangy accent. My ex husband and I lived in Houston which is just a couple hours from where I grew up and also currently live, and was shocked that people weren't twangy there as well. I used to get so embarrassed because people there would tell me my accent was cute lol 

 10. I love to read, when I was a kid my mom would say I'd read anything, including the back of a cereal box, like it was a best selling novel. Ive gotten a bit more picky now, but I still read a wide WIDE variety of different things.

 11. In school even tho my grades didn't always reflect it, English and History were my favorite classes. I still enjoy the reading and writing side of English class and still get a kick out of the story behind the history. Don't ask me dates however, that involves numbers and God forbid we get into my math insecurities!

Wow, that was a little more difficult than I thought. I didnt want to just throw out basic boring facts so I did try and put some thought into it. Ok, so now on to the 11 questions from Krista's blog.

 1. If you could have a superpower for a day, what would it be? I would have to say the ability to freeze time. I would love to be able to have a little extra time in those special moments, the cuddles, hugs, perfect family moments.

 2. What is your guilty pleasure song? Guilty pleasure? Ummm, I can't really think of one. I'm pretty open about what I listen too. I embrace my weirdness in everything including my music and listen to what I like whether others think it's silly, boring etc etc. My main favorite kinds tho are oldies from the 50's to some 80's and country. However I lisen to a bit of almost all kinds of music.

 3. What would your plan of action be if there was a zombie apocalypse? Shoot them in the head and burn them on a pyre, Winchester style! :) (Please forgive the obvious Supernatural reference here lol)

 4. What is your favorite cartoon character? Michigan J. Frog! Also Eeyore. i wish it was as easy to find Michigan stuff as it is Eeyore stuff.

 5. What does your blog name mean? It's a nod to the fact that no matter how crazy and mixed up life can get it's still a pretty sweet deal. Whenever I seem to forget that fact all I have to do is look around at my family and I realize how blessed I am.

 6. What inspired you to start a blog? Basically a way to satisfy the need for another creative outlet.

 7. What is your favorite vacation spot? There is a family oriented resort we go to every year that's actually pretty close to our home. We've been going there since I was a kid and some of my happiest memories are from there. Granted it has changed and grown so much that my children will never experience the freedom and whatnot that I did there but they all really enjoy it and talk about it all year long.

 8. What is the last good book you read? LOL, here we go with me embracing my weirdness again, I have been rereading the Babysitter's Club books with one of my daughters. I forgot how cute they were and I would definitely recommend them. My favorite is Kristy and the Snobs. As far as books a normal adult might enjoy, Id have to say anything in Kim Harrison's The Hollows series.

 9. Mention one of your obsessive compulsive habits. The older I get the more like my dad I get, we call it quirky in our family lol. I guess I'd have to say over organization. I know, I know, most people think there is no such thing as being OVER organized but I promise you there is. I have a tendency to organize to the point that it's impossible to keep up with which in turn causes utter chaos lol.

 10. If you were given a million dollars to donate to a charity, which one would you choose and why? Definitely something for kids. I would really have to research to narrow it down, and then I still might have to choose a couple. I'm thinking Autism research and maybe the Make A Wish people as well.

 11. Who was your childhood idol/hero? You know, I honestly don't remember having one? I mean, I went thru the fad fan stages just like everyone else but an idol or hero? I just called and asked my mom and she said with the way I always had my nose stuck i a book (yep, nerd right here!) that it was probably an author but I honestly just cant think of anyone. 

 Ok, that was fun and probably waaay to chatty lol. Here are the 11 blogs that I choose to nominate, take a minute and check them out if you haven't already.

Choosing 11 blogs was the hardest part, there are so many good ones out there! Here are the 11 questions I chose for them:

 1. When do you find the time to blog?
 2. If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?
 3. Describe what you feel when you see your favorite color.
 4. What is your favorite television show?
 5. What one thing would you like your children to take into adulthood?
 6. What does you family think of your blog?
 7. What would your dream vacation be?
 8. What is your favorite midnight snack?
 9. What daily chore do you despise the most?
 10. What advice would you give to a first time blogger?
 11. If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?

Ok, have fun!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Warning: Teens live here!

This should be a sign hanging on our front door: 

That's still probably not a significant enough warning for those unknowing, unsuspecting, teen free souls who come into our home. Maybe I should get more specific and use one like this instead:

There needs to be a universal symbol however when you are entering the home of a teen, especially a teen girl. That way you know you are on thin ice and that anything you say is liable to be taken sideways, turned around and inserted backwards, to not resemble anything you said or were trying to say at all. 

Something seems to happen in our brains around age 12 or so, call it hormones, puberty, asserting independence, hell, call it the exit of all common sense if you'd like, the point remains the same. It's somewhere along this time with each and every flock member so far where they have decided that running their mouths, back talking, and even going so far as to basically tell a parent to shut up has occurred  Yes, this is all a part of growing up and learning how to and how NOT to respond to matters in the real world, but at what point does it go past that and turn into a lack of respect? 

I've heard its all in how they are raised, kids are given to much freedom, not enough freedom, they aren't taught manners or what respect is, they are given to much, they aren't made to do chores or don't know what it is to work for something, and almost always someone, somewhere, pulls the discipline card. If you had (insert speakers favorite discipline here) when they were younger you wouldn't have this problem now. More often than not that comment has been said by someone whose children are either still young or doesn't even have children yet. I always want to say "Yeah, because I spent the first 11 years teaching them it was ok to argue with me!"

Fact of the matter is however, for the most part the entire flock is very well behaved. Yes, they do have their moments where they could make a preacher cuss, but on the whole, we rarely go more than a couple of days without someone praising the actions of at least one of them. People have stopped me in the middle of the grocery store to compliment me on their manners, good behavior & willingness to help not only me but those around us as well. I don't know how many times I've been asked how do I manage keeping the flock under control, I almost always respond with "They are good kids!", and I make sure they hear that. Because they are, each and every one of them is a good kid. Right down to the one who is going thru his "big & bad" phase, and they need to know & hear us say that they are good kids. Each and every one of them would drop what they are doing to help someone in need, I've seen them do it repeatedly. In the end that's one of the most important things we can instill in our children, there is the respect, the glimmer of hope our world needs

Yes, tempers were lost this morning, and a talk is in order for this afternoon. The prescribed discipline will still stand as flat out disrespect and disobedience are not now, nor has it ever been, a welcome addition to the household. It isn't about shutting a child up, squashing who they are, robbing them of themselves or their independence, rather it's about teaching them to do it constructively, respectfully and smart. So that once they enter the real world they understand that doing things the right way is much more rewarding. So yes, a certain teen and I will be discussing how we each could have handled ourselves better this morning because this is not only a learning process for them, but every day provides a parent with the opportunity to learn and grow as well.

Monday, April 1, 2013

the Day The Mishas Took Over The World...

Or at least the internet.

So yes, I am a recent newcomer to the Supernatural Fandom and Im glad I became a convert when I did or i would have been very confused with what has been going on today. For those of you that somehow missed it, today was the Mishapocolypse. Misha Collins plays an angel named Castiel on Supernatural and his fans basically took over Tumblr, a large portion of Twitter and there was even spillage over onto Facebook.

I have laughed so hard all day at the excitement and posts and downright hillarious pictures and gifs that have been posted in this mans honor. Even tho Im in the minority in our household by being a die hard Sam (played by Jared Padalecki ) fan (all the girls in the flock prefer Jensen Ackles as Dean) I still really enjoy Misha Collins and did BEFORE he was Castiel. So I can understand the fandoms love for this man, I mean look at him!

Not my photo

Ok, done with the silly teen type fan talk lol.

Easter or Frat Party?

Wow, as I'm looking around the house this morning I'm seriously wondering how I let this happen. We are usually pretty good at cleaning up before bed time rolls around, but I guess we were just too into the family fun yesterday and last night. It looks like a frat party (minus the keg and beer bottles)! The house is trashed! It seriously looks like there was a wild party going on here lol. I would share a pic but because of my OCD'ness thats just NOT going to happen! lol

So I guess I know what Im going to be doing after while, besides laundry that is. In all honesty, the flock had a great weekend, Sissy, Mimi, and Dede celebrated here on Saturday and then off they went to their dad's to celebrate there on Sunday. Bubba, Brudderbear and the Princess woke up here to little toys and chocolate for the boys and a big zebra, onesies and suckers for our allergic spoiled princess. Along comes Dede back home in the afternoon and a spirited game of whack 'em with Bubba at grandmas next door. What is whack 'em you ask? You know those giant pool noodles? Not the skinny oes, but the fat ones? Yeah, I think you get the picture. That afforded us a pair of broken glasses and a little girl with a headache from being without said glasses but from what I could see from our back door into grandmas yard, Dede gave as good as she got. I think Bubba forgot that even tho shes small for her age shes quick and cunning.

Guess I better go start cleaning the mess up, anyone have a backhoe and a dumpster I can borrow?