Saturday, March 2, 2013

Starting over.. kind of

So, it's been quite awhile since I started (sort of) this blog. The fact that life went nuts and I never posted anything and the blog took a back seat is testament to our world. Its been almost 3 years to be exact. So much has happened in that 3 years that it is unreal. We've had a new diagnosis on one of the kids that sure made a lot more sense, even tho at times it still doesnt make any sense. We went thru our fair share of hell to be honest, and our share of happiness with a new addition to the family as well. Technically we probably dont fit the Brady Bunch logo anymore unless you want to throw cousin Oliver into the mix lol.

Last January we were blessed with the precious little princess. Shes more like a spoiled princess now with the way her brothers and sisters and, yes, even mommy and daddy, dote on her. She has filled out our not so little family quite nicely, and brought some much needed smiles along the way. She delights us daily with the way she quickly learns something new and has such a happy, loving, playful personality.

Along with the smiles and laughter there have been many tears shed. 2 of our lambs left the flock, our guardian child moved to be with some biological family members in an area where there are more resources available for her needs. Thats part of life in a small(ish) town, you just dont have access to mental health professionals to the extent you do in metropolitan areas. We still struggle with that on a daily basis with our 10 year old. The other fleeing lamb decided that it was time to go live with her father, the way that was accomplished left some emotional and trust issues scattered throughout the family. I remembered that being a teenager was hard, I never realized until I became the mother of a teen, just how much harder that job was. 

Here we are now, left with 2 preteens, a 10 year old, an 8 year old and a soon to be toddler. Wow, how crazy can you get? I'm not sure, but we are about to find out as I attempt to chronicle the perfect messes we tend to make! Come along and join us for the ride.

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