Monday, April 1, 2013

the Day The Mishas Took Over The World...

Or at least the internet.

So yes, I am a recent newcomer to the Supernatural Fandom and Im glad I became a convert when I did or i would have been very confused with what has been going on today. For those of you that somehow missed it, today was the Mishapocolypse. Misha Collins plays an angel named Castiel on Supernatural and his fans basically took over Tumblr, a large portion of Twitter and there was even spillage over onto Facebook.

I have laughed so hard all day at the excitement and posts and downright hillarious pictures and gifs that have been posted in this mans honor. Even tho Im in the minority in our household by being a die hard Sam (played by Jared Padalecki ) fan (all the girls in the flock prefer Jensen Ackles as Dean) I still really enjoy Misha Collins and did BEFORE he was Castiel. So I can understand the fandoms love for this man, I mean look at him!

Not my photo

Ok, done with the silly teen type fan talk lol.

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